London Basement has a team of experienced and knowledgeable surveyors who can examine the structure and fabric of your building, to consider the feasibility of both the basement works and other proposed building works.

The surveyors will be able to discuss your proposals in detail, offering advice on the likely size and practicality of the space and in some cases will identify any particular design/planning issues.

A set of preliminary costs can be provided at this stage in the form of a written estimate, broken down into structural and waterproofing costs, the fit out and where required, finishing costs, as well as design, planning and any exploratory works that may be required.

The preliminary estimate is broken down in this way to enable you to decide early on in the process whether you require London Basement to undertake just the specialised structural and waterproofing works or a complete fit-out.

London Basement is very mindful of preliminary costs and the financial implications of any subsequent design/specification changes. In order to keep you informed of any variations, the same surveyor will be associated with your project throughout the design process, up until the time that the contract documents are signed and the works handed over to a member of the project management team.

Our surveyors have the benefit of the experience from over 1000 completed basements to give guidance on likely local issues.

They will also be able to share latest trends for potential uses for the new basement space.